Script Coverage & Feedback

I am a Published Writer of ‘Belora, The Lost Book of Teaching’ in 2005 and I’ve read numerous scripts and given lots of feedback via CoverflyX, and I have a 4-Star Feedback performance. I will read your script and find it’s controlling idea and essence and tell you how to improve the narrative and other areas.

Feedback & Coverage (5-7 Pages)

This feedback will cover the basic script elements, such as structure, character, catharsis and dialogue. If it’s a first draft that you’ve written, then I recommend this feedback option.


Full Extended Feedback & Solutions

The full extended feedback includes basic spelling and grammar, the main elements as well as themes, tones and how to find the essence and controlling idea. I will also offer solutions and coverage on how to write a better draft.


Script Editing & Proofreading

This includes all grammar, spelling and typo’s as well as any formatting elements.


Extended Script Editing & Proofreading

The standard editing as well as looking at pacing, structure, character and dialogue elements for a professional rewrite feedback.


Full Script Consultation with Calls

This includes a full extended feedback, the script editing option, proofreading and also consultation calls on how to exactly improve this script to make it much stronger for the industry requirements.


For any of the above services, please make contact with me using the form below.