My Screenplays & Projects

Short Bio

Gary Tao has been screenwriting for fifteen years after finishing his 1st Volume novel ‘Belora, The Lost Book of Teaching’ in 2005, which is a fantasy allegory available on Amazon here.

His background is a Network and Systems Engineer where he has worked in the industry of computing and electronics for two decades for blue chip companies. Gary Tao studied Cisco certifications under Dr. Max Liversidge, a founding member of IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Gary Tao currently works for Google in his academic career but feels his real job is a Screenwriter and storyteller.

Gary has taken courses from ScreenwritingU in Thriller conventions and Advanced dialogue and has had consultation from Terri Zinner and received feedback from Gordy Hoffman and Eric Harrelson of Other Worlds Austin .  Gary Tao has also has contact from none other than Michael Hauge and has studied John Truby’s Anatomy of Story and has read several titles on screenwriting from Robert McKee to Blake Snyder.

In 2011 Gary Tao written, filmed, directed and produced a short movie called ‘Natural Communication’, which is a trailer for a feature movie he’s working on.


In 2017 Gary Tao was a Second Rounder (Quarter Finalist) for Austin Screenplay Competition in the Drama category for a script called ‘Subject Six: Jenny’. This script is now far more developed and has undergone several re-writes.

Since then Gary has been learning the craft and rewriting, and finally is almost fully cognisant of it all. Gary is Connect member of Network ISA, Script Revolution and has some of his material on Coverfly.

Gary owes his writing ability and talent to his parents who were fans of classical movies. From Betty Davis, Joan Crawford to James Cagny, Boghart and Spencer Tracy, Gary has seen all the greats in action. Gary Tao is gifted with a photographic memory can remember the great Alfred Hitchcock movies such as 39 Steps, to the great Westerns of their time.

To Kill a Mockingbird – Great Movie

My Projects


Animation Project for Belora The Lost Book of Teaching

GENRE: Fantasy Allegory (119 Pages) (PG)

10 Episodes or a Feature Animation

Logline: A group of young rebellious people come together after all having a strange series of dreams and set out on a quest to find the mysterious teachings that are sacred and have been stolen by a formidable force of evil.




I written two feature treatments and stories (Blake’s Revenge) in 2008 for Amazon Studios, which was then a platform for writers and screenwriters to submit their scripts and have them made and placed on the Development Slate. The narrative of the story was about a Black Ops soldier called Blake with a Cosmic secrecy clearance. He gained recall that he was an assassin and sets on an inner journey to uncover not only his secrets but those of the nation.

I made a 15 minute documentary about this and the CIA Seagate Program and finished this Project in 2011 (3 Years).


This is the 1st Script rewrite I’ve ever written, a sort of learning screenplay and the full version is available Simply Scripts here.

GENRE: Clandestine Action Thriller (125 Pages)

Logline: A Black Ops soldier gains recall after a microchip inside of him breaks down. Not only does he have to now use his ability as a highly trained assassin to seek revenge for the murder of his family, he’s a CIA target for a much bigger national security risk.


Written in 2017 from the re-writes of ‘Amnesia’ that spanned from 2011 to 2016, this is the Quarter Finalist Screenplay for AFF.

GENRE: Psychological Sci-Fi Drama (109 Pages)

Logline: A young woman becomes trapped in a deadly psychological game with an unknown perpetrator who is studying her DNA.

This story has taken 5 year to develop and there is a prequel and sequel story. After consultation with Terri Zinner, I received very strong feedback and an excellent score and consider on the concept. Terry said it also sets up a very interesting franchise.

The opening scenes – 1954 so I’ve made this retro cover with the help of Ricardo Franco…


Written in 2018 and 2 years of rewriting. A now highly developed story exploring the themes of survival, prejudice and all life being precious.

GENRE: Action, Western (110 Pages)

Logline: A family go on a holiday to their ranch in the deep Utah forests, unaware that they are entering into the middle of a world of illegal organ selling and an audacious sheriff who’s set on revenge.


Written in 2019, a suspense crime thriller that’s taken 2 years to develop. This explores the themes of justice, desire, obsession, love and death.

GENRE: Crime, Revenge Thriller (110 Pages)

Logline: An opulent millionaire remarries after the loss of his first wife only to discover he’s separated from his son in a tragic attack and now his entire estate is at risk.