Industry Resources & Related Pages

Here are my top 11 Industry related Resources and Websites that any aspiring screenwriter wanting to break into the industry should use.

1. Internet Movie Database

Here you will find most scripts and although I like this, the page below will allow you to download the available scripts into PDF format, which for me is even better as I can then read them at my own leisure.

2. The Script Lab

One of my favorite places to find and download screenplays because once you’re registered the site is so easy to use.

3. Film Courage

An honorable mention, I have learned so much from watching the Film Courage YouTube channel and video’s about learning the craft of screenwriting.

4. Lessons from the Screenplay

Another great resource which links to great reading material and audio books on the craft and arts. Michael Tucker’s podcasts are great.

5. Coverfly

One of my most useful places to be. Not only can you manage all of your project but with CoverflyX you can give feedback and gain it on your own work. There’s no cost, it’s done on a token basis, the more you read, the more of your work you can have read.

6. Script Mag

A particularly like the Screenwriter interviews on this one and I’ve known Ashley Scott Meyers for almost a decade from Selling Your Screenplay when he was just starting this. One can spend all day on Script Mag because it includes TV and Filmaking.

7. Indie Film Hustle

As I am now getting into film making, the list wouldn’t be complete without these guys. They have excellent knowledge on begging that career.

8. InkTip

One of the old original ones, but I had to include it. Jerrol is great and I’ve had my work on here for years. My loglines are still going in the next magazine for Producers to see.

9. Script Reader Pro

This one is a great one for feedback from Professionals, it’s like CoverflyX, however you get industry Pro knowledge and services here. It’s a new find for me, and I already know it’s a great one to add.

10. ISA

The list wouldn’t be complete with adding ISA (International Screenwriting Association) on here. It’s truly great and I find all the writing gigs, assignments and what Producers are looking for on here. Script Consultancy is a big one on here.

11. Bulletproof Screenwriting

This is a great one for anyone wanting to persue a career in writing for Television. Some great blog posts and podcasts…