Essential Screenwriting Video Series

Here is a video complication from start to finish of my personal and essential screenwriting videos. This is a Course in itself if you can absorb even 50% of this. Don’t write a word, until you’ve watched these!

The Structure

Here’s Eric Edison at his best talking about various movies and their core structure elements.

An excellent compilation from Film Courage.

The Character

Key things that need to happen to the plot and character, because both are the same. The character journey creates the plot in a well written screenplay.

The Dialogue

It’s not always what the characters say, that brings out the movie, it’s what they don’t say. I too often read scripts where the writer is talking for the character. That’s bad writing. A great video below. An essential.

The Protagonist

A lot of this comes from your character and plot, but here’s a good video to add. I needn’t say what a protagonist is here, but maybe what a bad protagonist is…

The Antagonist

There has to be dimension to the villain, not just the hero. In some of my scripts, the antagonist is just born evil, it’s what they are, because as an artist, that’s what I believe. There’s more than one life we have… Here’s a great video.

The Genre

My favorite genres are Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi and Action. These are my favorite to write because I also love watching these types of movies. There are Sub Genres, such as Suspense, Psychological etc. I’ve written several screenplays in these genres and there’s techniques to combining these genres.

The Mistakes

This video collection wouldn’t be complete without showing what not to do, so here it is. You have to understand that more than 50,000 screenplays are written every year. Around 10,000 – 20.000 hit the competitions, and there’s likely only 100 that are worth reading every year. That’s still around 1500 good movies that are not produced.